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Renu™, Toronto’s #1 Air Filter Cleaning Service

Reduce, Recycle and Renu™ Your Air Filter

The Renu™ air filter cleaning process was developed in 1969 and is a large part of our business today. Using water, compressed air and industrial soap designed for cleaning air filters we are able to clean all types and makes of filters.

This method allows us to guarantee restoration of elements up to 90%+ of new element life with no reduction in efficiency.

The step by step process we implement in our air filter cleaning process:

Cleaning an Air Filter1. First, filters are identified by engraving customer name, part number, and date using electric engraver or ink.

2. Pre-cleaning filters with either water or vibration.

Air filter being cleaned3. Filters are soaked in hot water and industrial soap

4. Each filter is rinsed with a controlled amount of compressed air and water, both inside and outside.

5. The wet, cleaned air filters are placed on a drying rack and put in a drying oven for 36 hours.

6. Next, the filters are checked for holes with a 250watt bulb.

7. The gaskets are checked and end plates painted. The finished filters are inspected and boxed.

Need To Replace Your Air Filter?

Don’t worry as Heavy Duty Parts has the largest inventory of air filters in Toronto including over 3,000 air, oil, hydraulic and fuel filters in stock at all times.

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